What Is a Land Survey? How to Find the Right Land Surveying Company?

A person who use a a strange-looking stick and a tripod who stands by the road side or a property is called a land surveyor. You might have wondered what he does. Well, this professional takes precise measurements using specialized surveying equipment in order to get the exact boundary lines of a property.

Aside from the high-tech equipment, land surveyors Salt Lake City UT make use of old-fashioned mathematics in order to get measurements and create maps of land. Before a certain property is developed, a land surveyor comes in.

The best professional company to survey your land can help you save time, effort, money, and possible legal issues. The technical work of a land surveyor is considered as foundation of your project to be done. This is the very reason why it is essential to find a reputable land surveying company. Below are quick tips to guide you with your decision making. 


Complex technologies and certain skills are necessary in land surveying. Find a company who utilizes the latest surveying equipment for accuracy of measurements. Gone are the days where professionals use the transit and tape method. What is used by companies these days are electronic angle and distance measuring equipped and global positioning systems. These tools guarantee cost-effective, accurate, and efficient land surveys.

Sophistication doesn't only refer to the hardware utilized. Choose a company who has wide variety of services to ensure that your current and future needs can be met.

Awards and Recommendations

While a land surveyor must be licensed, there are still several variation when it comes to the services provided by the land surveying company. You don't just look after the license to ensure that one can provide for what you exactly need. You should look for a reputable company whom you can trust. How are you going to find such company? Well, you can get recommendations from other professionals. It is best to choose a company who is award-winning. This is a proof that they provide accurate services and has surpassed the expectations of their customers.

It is very important to take note that getting services from a land surveying company is an investment. That is why, it is not recommended to use advertisement or yellow pages for your decision. You need to protect your investment and project by starting with the right choice of company. 


The problem of most people is that they are tempted to choose a company with a cheap estimate. However, you have to remember the adage that says "You Get What You Pay For". This would simply mean that choose a land surveying company because of its cheap price might just lead you to long-term and costly errors. 

While you consider the cost, you need to understand that the prices from one company may differ according to different factors such as the terrain, location, property size, survey type, detail level and many more. If you want to know the accurate estimate, then make sure to meet with the surveyor in for the discussion of your specific needs. Look for the best land surveyors Salt Lake City UT!

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